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Live by the code. Die by the code?

Kamran Smith has it all. He’s the star of the football team, dates the most popular girl, and can’t wait to enlist in the army like his big brother, Darius. Although Kamran’s mother is from Iran, Kamran has always felt 100% American. Accepted.

And then everything implodes.

Darius is accused of being a terrorist. Kamran refuses to believe it. But Darius has been filmed making threats against his country, hinting at an upcoming deadly attack. Suddenly, everyone in Kamran’s life turns against him and his family.

Kamran knows it’s up to him to clear his brother’s name. In a race against time, Kamran must piece together a series of clues and codes that will lead him to Darius—and the truth.

But is it a truth Kamran is ready to face? And is he putting his own life at risk?

Acclaimed author Alan Gratz (Prisoner B-3087) takes readers on a heart-pounding, nonstop adventure through underground intelligence bunkers and dangerous terrorist cells, weaving a gripping tale about the War on Terror—and the bond between brothers.

Personal Experiences

This book reminds me of another book I recently read called Little Brother by Cory Doctrow. I love how this book connects to our current situation in many different ways, and how it shows the effect terrorism has on family and friends. You feel like you know someone, and then…poof! They’ve magically transformed into a complete different.
I feel like this boo has a lot to do with trust. The trust between siblings, between a soldier and America, and the trust in yourself. The main character, Kamran Smith goes through some painful ordeals–both mental and physical. He must place trust in his brother, Darius Smith, and believe that he is not really a terrorist, when everyone surrounding him seems to believe otherwise.
I really loved this book. It was very well written, and the plot line followed a simple pattern. Unfortunately in doing so, Gratz ended up making his book a tad bit predictable. The chapters are very very short, and stop at every knew shocking revelation. But other than these two things, the book was very appealing and interesting. ❤❤❤❤

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