Samantha Young

Samantha Young is one of the most prolific writers of the new generation. With a New York Times’ Bestseller on her belt, she certainly cannot be discounted as one. She has always prided herself in being a school geek and in being the irresponsible college student that she used to be. She used to study at the university of Edinburgh where she too up medieval and ancient culture.

According to her, it was in her years at the university that she has actually developed the idea to base her first book on which later became a trilogy. According to her, she managed to land several odd jobs before she actually decided to settle on becoming a full-fledged writer. She used to be a fledgling indie writer too before she has finally found her niche in writing novels under Young Adult brackets.

She has managed to churn out 19 titles under her name. According to her, it is thanks to her family that she was able to pursue whatever it is that she is venturing at now- writing stories that engross and compel. She credits how they have managed to put up with all the antics that she did and all the things that she has gone through in her journey to become the self-fulfilled author and book writer that she is now.

While she may have not imagined in a million years that she is going to end up writing the stories that she only used to conjure in her mind for her and of the rest of the world to enjoy and read, she has since been able to get such considerable fulfillment over the body of work that she has churned out. The accolades for being a best-selling author for the New York Times and other well-respected publications certainly keep her moving forward.

She is forever amazed at the fact that there are actually a lot of readers out there who eagerly awaits the release of her works. She is delighted that there are people that can connect with the dry humor she infuses in her stores or the mad worlds that she creates and even with the heroines and heroes in her stories that would sometimes be the ones doing the saving and in other cases are actually the ones that needed so.

Samantha has always been in love with Scotland and has since been thankful for her readers for actually living the country along with the body of work that she has dished out over time. She has always been attached to the place and the fact that there are so many fond memories that she cannot help but attach to it- the magical Scotland.

She lists down a ton of names and influences that have helped shaped her into the person and the author that she is now. She has always been thankful to her readers- to the people who have always stood behind her back and the one that are there to attend every launch, every book reading, every book signing, every event just so they can show their steadfast and never wavering support to her and to the work that she does.

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