James Dashner

credit Maria WoodDear Reader,

The passion of my fans is evident and strong, and I feel it every day. I also think to myself, every day, how eternally grateful I am for you. Thank you for reading my books, enjoying my books (hopefully!), and sharing your enthusiasm so . . . enthusiastically (yes, I’m a writer) on social media.

And we’ve had some fun, haven’t we? Although I always dreamed big, I don’t think even my wildest dreams could have predicted the success of the Maze Runner and Mortality Doctrine series. It has been so much fun to share those, book by book, with all of you, watching your predictions and your excitement and your lamentations. Quite often I get tweets or messages that say, in the same two or three sentences, that you both hate me and love me. I think that’s “job well done” for an author, don’t you?

And the movies. I mean, what do I even say about the movies? The experience of it all has been indescribably exciting. I’ll always cherish the many memories that I associate with those films (and more to come!) and what they’ve brought to this fandom. Thank you for throwing so much support their way.

But, really, the fun has only just begun. I have a brain bursting with ideas, and many of them won’t rest until I let them out of the cage and into your hands. Thank you again for sticking with me. We are the Dashner Army, and we are strong. I’m glad we’re on this journey together, and I look forward to every step.

Your #1 fan,


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