Agents of Preparedness Escape Room: Volunteers

Your Job

Volunteers will have one main job per activity. One volunteer will be assigned to each group of participants during the escape room. Before the escape room begins, you will read the scenario from which the participants have to escape. Then, you will instruct the participants on how to begin the escape room. You will be there to answer any questions they may have regarding technology. However, you are not to answer any questions about how to escape the escape room itself. You will watch over the participants to ensure that they remain on task. 

If the participants escape before the allotted 25 minutes are up, you will direct them to a Link Tree that will contain more escape rooms they can try individually or as a team. 

If they don’t escape before the allotted time is up, you will instruct the participants to return to the main ZOOM call. 

From here, we will begin the Q&A session. A couple of the volunteers will moderate the Q&A session and read any questions from the participants. Meanwhile, each volunteer must send me how long it took for their participants to escape so that I can inform all of the participants of the winner.


Volunteers will meet once before the event and on the event day. 

On Saturday, August 29, 2020, at 12 pm, volunteers will meet to ask any questions they have and go over their jobs during the event itself. This meeting will take place on ZOOM.

On Saturday, September 5, 2020, at 12 pm, volunteers will be present for the event itself. This meeting will take place on ZOOM.

Emails will be sent to the volunteers with the details of the ZOOM calls.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteers can receive volunteer hours for being a part of this event. In total, they should receive about three hours. After the event, hour sheets can be emailed to me.

Who Can Be A Volunteer?

Volunteers should be at least in high school. They should be comfortable speaking on ZOOM calls and helping people navigate technology. 


If you have any questions regarding the event or being a volunteer, feel free to email me.