Mask Project

Escape Room

  1. In your experience, how can a teenager be prepared and help their families be prepared for emergency situations?
  2. How effective are having pre-planned meeting spots outside of the house?
  3. Do you think it’s important for people our age to receive CPR and/or first aid training?
  4. What is the #1 mistake that people make regarding emergency preparedness?
  5. Do you have any recommended resources for learning more about being prepared for emergencies?
  6. The coronavirus kind of hit us out of the blue. Is there anything specific we can do to make sure that, if this type of event occurs again, we are prepared?
  7. What was the training/schooling you received in order to have a job in the profession you’re in?
  8. Is there a specific anecdote you could share about a time you were in an emergency situation?
  9. What is something we, as teenagers, can do to help our community before/after an emergency? (pick one)
  10. Are there specific emergencies or disasters that we, in Texas, are more prone to than other states?

Good Afternoon [Insert Name]!

I hope your day is going well so far!

I just want to remind you that the [Insert Event Name] event you registered as a [participant/volunteer/panelist] for is [tomorrow, next Saturday, etc.] at [insert location] from [insert beginning time] to [insert end time].

Please remember to bring [insert supplies they need to bring] and be on time so that we can begin promptly. 

If for some reason you can no longer attend, please relpy to this email saying to.

Thank you in advance for spending you [insert day of the week event is] with me!


[Insert your name]

A PDF I created for the volunteers to reference on event day with information they may need and may not remember.


Volunteer Cheat Sheet


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